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About Us

YSWMEK , Founded in 2023,
It is a cross-border export wholesaler and trader from China.
We mainly supply all kinds of electronic products, electronic components and semiconductors.
Our products are sold in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.
It mainly works in the middle and high-end markets,Provide customers with better and higher quality products.
We are a wholesale trader loyal to quality and service.
And We are constantly updating.
We provide goods and products for different customers.
Such as: import and export enterprises, purchasers, wholesalers, local businesses, large and small electronic product stores, retailers, home and personal use.....
Our sales range covers all kinds of electronic components, semiconductors and electronic products.
Electronic components/Semiconductors such as:
IC, Chip, SMD, Diode, Triode, Transistor, Thyristor, Schottky, Darlington tube, Field effect tube, MOSFET, Voltage regulator, IGBT, Switching element, Rectifier bridge, Microcontroller/MCU, Power Chip, AC-DC Chip, DC-DC Chip, Photoelectric coupler, LED driver, Photoelectric device, Electric relay ........
Electronic products such as:
Mobile phone wireless charger, Sterilized electronic products, Home and daily electronic products, Mobile phone electronic accessories, Automotive electronic products ........
The products we sell and export have passed various certifications.
They have various certificates of conformity.
Such as CE,FCC,ROHS,QI,Testing.....